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Business Model: (English Videos)

General Discussion about Business Model with Alexander Osterwalder point of view

This is first English Version Video of Selfibiz which contribute by Reza Nabovati about him self and also starting discussion around


Business Model Part 2 with Alexander Osterwalder point of view

In the second part of the explanation about business model, Reza Nabovati about 9 elements of the model proposed by Alexander Osterwalder. These elements include value proposition


Business Model in term of Value chain and value Constellation

In this video Reza Nabovati facilitator of Selfibiz in Product and business model, talks about business model with more discussion about value chain and value constellation, what is different between two elements and finally talk about business goals in business model.


Business Model Defenition and Business Model Innovation Model categories- Alex Osterwalder

Reza Nabavati facilitator of SelfiBiz and specialist in product and business model, continuing the previous discussion regarding business model definition, four factors affects business models: Key trends, macro economy, market focus, industry forces In business model If you talk about sustainability should mention about environment, if you talk about emerging technology, you should talk about key trend, when you talk about internet of things, because is about technology, you should categorize on key trends. You should know that whenever you talk about a subject in business model, you would discuss about relative items around it. Business Model at first is about financial concern How you can classify different things together in business model What is Story telling in business Model Which items don’t mention in Business Model?


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