Our Story

Our Story

Where did our story begin?

One for Start is a short phrase that has a great meaning behind it. We will always have a lot of doubts during our life to choose a new way, especially when we do not know many factors, and we will spend a lot of time to find the way that we did after the initial examination.
Only after a lot of research, the possibility of making the wrong choice is very high and we have to change course to reach a reliable position for the future. This process can be extended not only to you but to everyone.
What can we do to use the experience instead of repeating the faults? 
What can we do to trust?
What can we do to make less trial and error?
The solution may be to choose someone who is trusted by a group in the community and has not simply gained the status quo to ruin
The old model, which has its roots in the history of Iran's market business, is that the words of the whole party are worthwhile, and it was enough to break a promise once to overshadow the whole market by not cooperating with that person.
At 1forstart we actually want to show the concept of one to get started and with your feedback, we can provide a reliable model to the audience.
In this portal, an attempt is made to introduce and use the service delivery channel of reliable partners who have already passed their exams by other customers, and in many cases, the team of this group has used the services of those partners once.
Finally, you can be one of our partners to provide services in which you are an expert so that we can spend the least time for trial and error.


Management Team

حمیدرضا احمدیان

Dr. Hamidreza Ahmadian

Educational Product Director

محمد امامی نژاد

Mohammad Emaminejad

Co-Founder and Operatiınal Director -Turkey

Dr. Mahdi Bina

Co-Founder and Operational Director-Canada

Maryam Bayati

Digital Marketing Manager

Hossein Shokri

Dr. Hossein Shokri

Senior educational consultant

A portal to make your
greatest impact.

1 For Start means: one step to Start, one step to Change, one step to Evolution.

Our Customers

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